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A wide selection of hookah rentals. Hookahs stand out for their quality details and design. A professional hookah master will create an accent of the hookah industry at your event or celebration. Hookah rental is possible throughout Lithuania.

Are you interested in renting a hookah for a wedding or other celebrations? You can submit a request Contacts section. You can find more information on our facebook account Hookahgo.lt or by phone +370 69226633.

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Hookah rental and its components


hookah rental in Vilnius, hookah rental in Vilnius

Dauguma vis dar prisimena senus laikus, kai kaljanas būdavo Egiptietiško stiliaus, su popierinėmis žarnomis, ant taurelės dedama folija ir naudojamos lengvai įsidegamos anglys, kurioms uždegti užteko paprasto žiebtuvėlio. Šios anglys ne tik skleisdavo nemalonų kvapą kaljano sesijos metu, bet ir pridėdavo nemalonų skonį seansui.  Dabartinėje vandens pypkių rinkoje naudojami kitokie kaljanai, kurie yra Europietiški, nerūdijančio plieno, su silikoninėmis žarnomis, įvairių dizainų ir spalvų su karščio kamera. HookahGo nuomojami tik profesionalūs kaljanai, kad kaljano seansas būtų kaip įmanoma malonesnis. Mūsų siūloma kaljano nuoma ypatinga tuom jog mūsų kaljanai yra įvairių rušių, dydžių, formos, skirtingų priedų.  Kaljanai paruošiami su priedais: kaljanas (šachta, lėkštė, žarna, kandiklis), kolba, taurelė, karščio kamera, anglys, anglių užkūriklis (kaitlentė), žnyplės, anglių laikiklis (dėtuvė).

  • Hookahs come in different types, colors, designs, etc... One of the most important differences between hookahs is the pull: light and heavy. The light draw hookah comes with a diffuser (the diffuser at the bottom of the shaft makes the draw light and quiet), the heavy draw hookah is also called classic, it makes the draw heavy and loud. A light draw is recommended for first-time hookah users. Premium hookahs are usually made of stainless steel for durability and quality. Standard silicone hoses are used.
  • The flask (the glass part of the hookah) is used to cool the smoke. We recommend using the coldest water possible to make the smoke thicker and colder.
  • The cup (to put the hookah mixture) is made of clay to make the hookah session last longer. The most commonly used is killer, turkish-shaped cups for a stronger taste, and phunnel-shaped cups for a lighter taste.
  • A heat chamber (to heat the hookah mixture) is used instead of foil. Hookah session time becomes longer when using a heat chamber. However, to heat the heat chamber, you need natural coconut coals, which, unlike self-igniting coals, need to be heated on a special hotplate (coal lighter). Natural coal is heated for about 10 minutes in direct heat.
  • Coals are used from natural coconut, so that the session time of hookah is longer and there is no aftertaste. 2-3 pcs. coals are used to heat the light hookah mixture, 3-4 pcs. are used to heat the dark hookah mixture, since the dark mixture is more resistant to heat. 25 or 26mm carbon is usually used for the heat chamber.
  • A charcoal lighter (hotplate) is used to heat natural coconut charcoal. An electric charcoal lighter is used at home or if there is an electrical source. A gas charcoal lighter is used in outdoor conditions.
  • Tongs are used to take hookah coals and adjust the heat with them.
  • Coal holder (magazine) is intended for storing coal. It is convenient to safely transport coal from the coal heating device to the hookah. In outdoor conditions, it is convenient to store coals and ashes in case of wind, so as not to damage the property during the session.

The hookah rental and accessories we offer meet all the highest standards and requirements.

Hookah tobacco is divided into two main types: light and dark.

  • Light hookah tobacco is made from virginia leaf. Tobacco strength: light-medium. This type of tobacco is preferred by beginner hookah enthusiasts or those who use hookah less often.
  • Dark hookah tobacco is made from the burley leaf. Tobacco strength: strong-very strong. Black tobacco is stronger and intended for advanced users of tobacco products and hookah smokers.

After choosing the desired strength, we recommend choosing proven manufacturers.



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Hookah rental in Vilnius and throughout Lithuania

Hookah rental at events is an important and responsible process to make it easier to enjoy the pleasures provided by hookah - companies or individuals choose services with hookah masters.

As in every profession and service provision, our staff needs certain technical conditions to perform the hookah rental service in a high-quality manner.

In order for hookah rental not to go to waste, it is necessary to take care of:

  • electrical energy,
  • Standard table,
  • Water.

Our team is mobile, so when ordering services, please let us know if there is an opportunity to take care of the necessary technical conditions. If it is not possible to fulfill one of the points, we can arrange for mobile devices such as gas stoves and water supply to fulfill this service for an additional fee.

HookahGo hookah rental works throughout Lithuania

Yes, we can prepare fruit hookah cups from pineapple, orange, grapefruit. These fruits make great holiday decorations, so we bring them out with beautiful fire fountains!

If you want your hookah to be really smoky and tasty, we will share what it depends on:

A high-quality mixture for hookah, which contains enough glycerin and is made from high-quality raw materials;
Choice of quality charcoal: Cocopalm, Shaman, Zocomo, OneNation, etc., which are mostly made from 100% coconut shells;
Choosing the right cup Turkish, Killer, Phunnel. Choosing a cup according to the type of tobacco: light (brown, red tobacco leaf) or dark (dark, black tobacco leaf);
Cup packing according to the type of tobacco: tobacco should be loosely packed;
The tightness of the hookah is very important!

More information in the article: https://hookahgo.lt/kaljano-paruosimas-namuose/

We want to book a hookah master, how do we do it?

Our team offers hookah rental using only professional hookahs and well-known manufacturers, such as: Karma, Alpha Hookah, Wookah, Shadows, Blade Hookah, First Hookah, El-Bomber, Nube.

Yes, we have a hookah and hookah accessories online store at: www.hookahshop.lt and a physical store at: Kedrų st. 3

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